Something For Everyone
Something For Everyone is an artwork that everyone is invited to participate in. 
It is an intricate looping animation that is set up to be easily modified. You can build whatever you want on a single triangle, and the rest of the scene will automatically be updated and still loop perfectly.
INDEX 3D was kind enough to convert this for Blender.
He has also made a tutorial to show how to use this file.
This project file is shared under the CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0) license: Public Domain Dedication
Feel free to use it however you wish, for any reason. You are welcome to use it in personal work as well as commercial work. If you want to tokenize what you make with it, go for it!
If you make something with it and share it with the world, please let people know where you got it from so they can use it too... because, y'know... it's something for everyone :)
Something For Everyone was created by Gavin Shapiro as part of an animated series on Nifty Gateway.